When your customers are truly EXCITED to support you, word of mouth becomes your primary promotional tool. We help you do that.

Proven Viral Media Strategies

For 17 years we've helped small business owners around the world generate more revenue quickly with proven social media strategies and marketing systems. Because of changes in global business landscape, the quickly growing use of social media, and the widespread use of mobile devices, we've changed with the times, and we help you too. Learn more.

VIP Business Referral Network

With the help of some unique technology we help service and experience-based businesses build LOYAL, raving, engaged customers and fans that drive revenue. Our invitation only referral network will help turn worst days into best days!

Member And Employee Benefits

For businesses and organizations with 25-500 employees or members, we offer lifestyle and experience based benefits programs designed to attract higher quality people AND keep them long term. It's all about loyalty and engagement!

VIP Consumer Travel App 

We help people cross things off their bucket list on their current budget through a very unique travel app that promises the GUARANTEED lowest price on dream vacations, flights, car rentals, and more.  Also, we show people how they can dine, play, and relax their way to a dream vacation.